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'Aikyam' - One with Thoughts, Feelings and the Universe - Part 3 - Final Part

(by Sukanya Mahadevan)

'Aikyam', the theme for our annual recital this year, is a Sanskrit word that literally means - oneness, unity, harmony and identity.

This week we continue to elaborate on our last four sub themes....

One With Patriotism (presented by Senior & Performance Academies and Adults)

To be one with the thoughts of pride for our motherland is usually called patriotism. This emotion has been the reason for liberation from oppression in may countries and in many historic periods. The Indian patriotism however is unique in that it celebrates the non violent way of liberating people from oppression. Their collective thoughts on patriotism single handedly helped them set themselves free from colonization. But the collective patriotism began with pride in their individual cultures and territories , thereby creating the secular but unified state.

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One With Female Empowerment (presented by Performance group, Section B)

In order to feel empowered one must be secure in who they are. This is especially true for female empowerment. To feel empowered you need to be seen, appreciated and respected. To believe in oneself and then in others like us makes us whole and makes us unified to the rest of the world.

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One With Spring and Nature (presented by Senior Academy)

The beauty of spring is the ultimate setting for love. It symbolizes the birth of newness, of hope and of optimism. As old gives way to new, humans cannot but become engrossed and pulled into mother nature's games of revival and its splash of colors. To be one with nature and the change of cycles is to acknowledge that we are part of a bigger picture.

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One With Mother Earth (presented by Performance Academy A and B)

The ultimate oneness we feel as humans is with the divine, but a close second is mother Earth, who like a real mother gives us life by providing us all the resources we need to live. We humans tend to take these for granted and sometimes even abuse our privilege's. Being one with mother Earth means respecting her like God and appreciating her generosity and learn to give back to her and to one another.

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Don't forget to buy your tickets to watch this unfold in front of your eyes on

May 5th, 2024 , at Princeton High School Auditorium.

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