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'Aikyam' - One with Thoughts, Feelings and the Universe

(by Sukanya Mahadevan)

'Aikyam', the theme for our annual recital this year, is a Sanskrit word that literally means - oneness, unity, harmony and identity. In the ancient Hindu teachings, the 'Jiva-Ishwara-aikyam' (the harmony of life and divine power) is considered the basis of Hindu philosophy. The unity or joining of 'Atma' (soul) and 'Paramatma' (divine power), is achieved through 'Chaitanya' or awareness.

The artwork for this theme has been lovingly created by our very own Sheetu Batra and Vedika Krishna.

Here is how Sheetu describes it...

(Artwork by Sheetu Batra and Vedika Krishna)

'This artwork is a rich tapestry of symbolism, weaving together diverse elements to evoke themes of spirituality, tradition, nature, love, and cultural heritage.

At its center lies the sacred OM symbol, embodying the essence of God and unity.

Surrounding it, the pattern adorned with the colors of the Indian flag resonates with patriotism and national pride.

The vibrant flower signifies the rejuvenating spirit of spring while water droplets evoke the purity and fluidity of life.

The peacock feathers symbolize the divine love shared between Radha and Krishna.

Kalasam represents the warmth and festivity of traditional Indian festivals.

A woman gracefully seated in a lotus flower embodies female empowerment.

A poignant depiction of a mother and child within a heart shape symbolizes the timeless bond of motherhood.

Bharatnatyam dancers elegantly striking poses honor the classical Indian dance style, embodying beauty, grace, and cultural expression.

The Annam lamp and Flower thoranam evoke the joyous celebrations of marriage and festivals.

Together, these elements form a captivating artwork that celebrates the depth, richness, and interconnectedness of Indian spirituality and heritage'

I have approached this intense topic through more mundane and understandable sub-themes. I felt that, in this modern day, it is important for artists to be not only aware of themselves, to express their craft, but also of the world around them. This awareness, allows for more passionate delivery of their art form.

Our students will be representing twelve such sub-themes of 'Aikyam'.

Below are the first four...

One With God (presented by Beginners 1 group)

The first harmony of self, is always with the supreme power. Being one with the divine, through prayers, cleanses the mind and soul, leading to eternal bliss.

(Artwork by Sheetu Batra and Vedika Krishna)

One With Festivals (presented by Beginners 2 group)

To be one with the community around us, means celebrating and rejoicing with them. The easiest way to do this, is through festivals. We will be depicting this through the festival of colors - 'Holi'.

(Artwork by 'AI' generated by WIX)

One With Ceremonies (Bridal ceremony presented by Beginners 3/4 group)

Every culture and sect of people, around the world have their unique ways of celebrating events. Sometimes these 'ceremonies' are religious and sometimes group-informal activities. This is another way to be one with the immediate world around us. I delve deeper into this theme by showcasing a bridal ceremony.

(Artwork by 'AI' generated by WIX)

One With Love (The magical love between Krishna and Radha presented by Guru Sukanya Mahadevan)

To be self aware means to not only love oneself, but to love someone so unconditionally, that you cease to see anything beyond this love. This evolved love is beautifully represented by the love Radha and Krishna share. Even though unmarried, even though Radha was older than Krishna, their love and devotion to each other was boundless and radical. A traditional Bharatanatyam 'padam' will be used to depict this.

(Artwork by 'AI' generated by WIX)

Stay tuned for another BLOG next week showcasing the next four 'Aikyam' sub themes....

And don't forget to buy your tickets to watch this unfold in front of your eyes on May 5th, 2024 , at Princeton High School Auditorium.

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