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Non-Performing Arts Education

  • M.S. Computer Science (1990-1992). Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

  • B.S., Mathematical Statistics (1986-1989), Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi, India

  • Diploma, Computer Science (1987-1989), National Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi, India

  • Diploma and Post Diploma, French (1986-1989),  Alliance Française, New Delhi, India

  • Non-credit courses in Creative Writing, Non-Profit Management (2008), Mercer Community College

Performing Arts Education

  • BFA Dance (‘Bharatanatyam’), Prayag, Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India

  • Diploma in Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance ), Ganesa Natyalaya , New Delhi, India

  • Workshop in dance theory – custom education from the ‘Abhinaya Darpanam’ and ‘Natya Shastra’ , India

  • Carnatic Veena

  • Piano

  • In depth study of languages – Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil

  • Workshops in Ballet, Jazz and Tap dances

  • Adult Theater Workshops

  • Advanced workshops in practice and theory of 'Bharatanatyam' with experts in the field

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