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'Aikyam' - One with Thoughts, Feelings and the Universe - Part 2

(by Sukanya Mahadevan)

'Aikyam', the theme for our annual recital this year, is a Sanskrit word that literally means - oneness, unity, harmony and identity.

This week we continue to elaborate on our next four sub themes....

One With Childhood (presented by Intermediate 2 group)

To be one with the inner child in us, is the only pure way to connect to the divine. Through collaborative play and teamwork, children show us how even in fun, we humans, are social creatures and need the harmonious interaction to survive and sustain.

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One With Traditions (presented by Performance group, Section A)

While some argue that traditions are obsolete and stand in the way of evolution, our item here will showcase that there is certain community value in following good traditions - these keep communities in harmony and allow for us to develop a sense of belonging. This in turn creates groups of people to work towards common goals - ones that serve 'all' and not just the 'self'.

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One With Motherhood (Duet presented by Guru Sukanya Mahadevan and Sandhya Mahadevan)

The ultimate 'Aikyam' is the one a mother feels for her child. She gives herself fully and completely to the love she bears for him/her. When that child returns that love back to his/her worldly creator, the circle of love is complete and that love then transcends and harmonizes with the eternal love from the divine. Even the great 'Adi Shankaracharya' who was devoid of all worldly connections and possessions, allowed himself to only be clouded by his love for his mother.

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One With Water (presented by Advanced Academy)

Water is the ultimate symbol of oneness with the universe. It follows a beautiful circle of life from water vapors to rain to rivers to ocean to returning back to its original water vapor form. This cycle in turn sustains life as we know it. We humans need it for drinking, cooking, bathing etc. In fact the very blood that flows through our veins is majority amounts of water. Therefore our thematic presentation would be incomplete without showcasing our oneness with water.

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Stay tuned for another BLOG next week showcasing the last four 'Aikyam' sub themes....

And don't forget to buy your tickets to watch this unfold in front of your eyes on May 5th, 2024 , at Princeton High School Auditorium.

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