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Just like many of you or your daughters, I began dance lessons as a young child too. Many years ago. All I remember about that lesson is that the teacher asked me to stand and squat which I found very uncomfortable. I came home sobbing, insisting I would never go back to Bharatanatyam lessons again. Ever. Mom couldn’t bear to see me in tears so no more dance lessons. Until now. Now is 50 years later. Yes, you read that right, my second lesson was after 50 years!

Sukanya has been a dear friend for many years. I have attended her functions and

performances. Occasionally, a stray thought of asking her to teach me would cross my mind but quickly evaporate in the melee of daily life. Then pandemic arrived. It made me think of my priorities. Dance made me happy. Could I, should I ask again? Try again? Guru Sukanya: will you teach an adult class? Her reply: Yes, we will begin class this month. Every ras from the entire gamut of navras raced through my heart and mind! Can I do this at 55? Dare I?

I dared! It’s very hard. I’m beginning to master the araimandi, but that murumandi…quite a challenge. Getting arms and legs and feet to do everything together? Difficult. Throw in the expressions. Almost impossible.

But I’m putting practice and passion together. With Guru Sukanya’s guidance, I’ve learned a few steps. My baby steps. After 50 years!

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