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'Shubh Aarambham' - Auspicious Beginnings and Lord Ganesha

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

In Hindu traditions, Lord Ganesh, the elephant- headed God is always synonymous with good beginnings and wisdom. We ourselves, had a beautiful traditional pooja ceremony at our new studio, to invoke the blessings from the almighty. This was done to not only cleanse and bless the space, but also to bless our Shishyas and their families.

One might ask , 'Why do we always start poojas, recitals and other such things by invoking Ganesha's blessings?'

To understand this, we have to dig deep into Hindu mythology. It all started with, how Ganesha, got his elephant head. Goddess Parvati had created a little boy to guard her palace from trespassers. When Lord Shiva, her husband tried to enter the palace, the boy stopped him and they ended up in a fight, in which Shiva beheaded the boy. Parvati, enraged by this, demanded that Shiva fix this. Shiva called out to his 'Ganas' (devotees) to find the first head and bring it back to fix on the boy's body. The 'Ganas' literally brought the first head back - one of an elephant with one tusk. Once this head was attached, Lord Shiva granted the boy, now 'Ganesha', the leader of the 'Ganas', the boon of being the first God, all Hindu devotees worshipped. Hence the God of Good Beginnings.

Symbolically, an elephant is know for its memory and wisdom and hence, it only makes sense to pray to Lord Ganesha for wisdom, knowledge and success.

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